10 factors affecting the price of LED strips

10 factors affecting the price of LED strips
1. The chip used by the LED strips: the chip is different, and the price varies greatly.

2. Package of LED strips: They are divided into resin package and silicone package. The price of the resin package is cheaper.

3. The consistency of the color of the LED strips: LED without the separation of color separation, its color consistency is poor.

4. Welding effect of LED strips: LED strips assembly are divided into manual welding and SMT machine welding two, hand soldering appearance is poor.

5. FPC material: FPC is divided into two types of copper and copper. The copper plate is cheaper and the copper is more expensive.

6. The thermal conductivity of the hard strip aluminum substrate is 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 2.0.

7. Whether FPC have passed environmental certification, UL certification, and LED patents.

8. The brightness of the LED: different brightness of the LED price is different, the difference between the ordinary brightness and the bright LED price is quite different.

9. The color of the LED: white, green because color matching and spectral separation is more difficult, so the price is higher; red, yellow, blue and other colors are slightly cheaper. Special colors such as purple and brown are the most expensive due to color matching.

10. The type of LED and the number of beads per meter.