A Collection of Clever Uses for LED Strip Lights

A Collection of Clever Uses for LED Strip Lights

In many occasions, whether in life or work, different lighting elements are often added to express beauty and themes. Led strip lights have always been favored by people. Although they are simple, they bring effects like charming colors in pictures, which can be the icing on the cake for the design of various indoor environments. In this issue, I will introduce how the popular LED strip lights can create special atmosphere in different occasions.

1. Professional and efficient LED strip light (enterprise/company)

Nowadays, many companies and enterprises are taking the modernist interior style route. Nude outfits and plain outfits is abound.

The LED strip light is embedded in the naked ceiling and hidden in the gap of the counter, emitting cold light, making the company a professional and efficient image.

The company's offices and meeting rooms are equipped with white LED strip lights , which can make people feel the seriousness of the work place, but also feel harmonious and relaxed. The corridor is mainly white, with warm wood as supplementary tones, simple and unified.

2. Atmosphere color of LED strip lights (restaurant/bar)

LED strip lights are often used in restaurants, and they are filled with important decorative effects. Restaurants, bars, LEDs all set off a special style.

The dining bar is dominated by yellow light with blue light elements added. In the hall, the LED strip light is not the main light source, but hidden in the gap in the inner corner of the wall. The light accentuates the golden yellow of the wall and plays a wall-washing effect. This matches the color of the interior, which is particularly coordinated. The bar is set on the floor with several LED strip lights, which play the function of local accent lighting, adding a mysterious and romantic atmosphere and making you feel extra comfortable. In the dining bar, diode lights give people a relatively unapproachable feeling.

Then, in the hotel rooms, LEDs can bring out a sense of warmth. The guest rooms are illuminated by incandescent lamps, coupled with interior design effects, showing the main tone of orange. The led light strips are arranged between the grades of the ceiling. The partial white light creates a sense of hierarchy and three-dimensionality between the graded ceilings, which is the buffing effect. The two light strips in the wall are placed exactly on both sides of the decorative painting, which is quite symmetrical, solemn and generous.

LED strip lights are used in hotel rooms to create a gentle beauty; in cafes, it shows a stylish personality. The ceiling and walls are lined with brown-orange decoration. Striped hard clothing brings a sense of youthful vitality to the interior, adding to the fashionable theme of the cafe. Between these hard fittings, there are a few LED light strips sandwiched, and the local lighting is warm and simple.

3. Concise art of LED strip light  (home/indoor)

Led strip lights can not only be designed in public places such as offices and restaurants, but also can be installed in private apartments to achieve an eye-catching feeling.

Between the steps of the stairs of the duplex apartment, there are also LED light strips hidden. The light of the diode makes the class present a three-dimensional sense and a sense of hierarchy, with a polished effect. The wall washing effect brought by the white light also makes the wall next to the steps exude a sense of modern home design, simple and atmospheric.

4. The artistic atmosphere of led light strips  (exhibition hall/space)

If high-quality LED strip lights add a refreshing feeling to apartment furniture, then in the exhibition hall, high-quality led light strips are the soul of art.

Modern exhibition halls are particularly simple, especially in the corridors. It only has a few LED strips without any decoration. They are not only the only embellishment of the entire art corridor, but also the only lighting tool among them. Local lighting, polishing, and wall washing are their duties. In the corridor, the deformable and folding static design of the LED strip light makes the whole space dynamic and full of artistic vitality and breath.

Not only that, these LED strip lights also divide the corridor space, imagining the beauty of a similar composition. This sense of spatial art seems to be avant-garde and intoxicating.

In the showroom of the exhibition hall, the light strips are not only distributed on the ceiling and walls, but also suspended in the air and arranged in the footline. In addition to the light, it also highlights the beauty of the exhibits, reveals the soul of art, and surprises people.

The LED strip lights are embellished with wall washing, polishing, and local accent lighting, just like a designer's magical pen which makes the entire interior full of their own artistic style. I believe you will admire the magic.