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How To Install The LED Soft Light Belt On The Stairs?

The space around the narrow and closed staircase is small. The conventional light source can only provide the basic functional lighting. A simple linear light can soften the space outline. It can not only solve the staircase's long and deep feeling, but also provide an indexed light source. There are many ways to apply ilin's LED soft light belt on the  staircases. Two kinds of application plan and ways of installation are as follows.
1.Hidden-style LED Soft Light Belt
LED Soft Light Belt

Installation steps: construct the obligated circuit and the 5cm wide groove kicking line as high as possible to avoid the direct contact between eyes and the light source: the light belt drive needs a certain space.
led strip

2.Embedded-type Soft Light Belt
led strip lighting
Installation steps: before painting or plastering the wall, open a slot to obligate the circuit (shown in the below), put the lamp aluminum materials and fix them (shown in the below), paint the wall cover it with aluminum profile frame, and finally seal the acrylic cover (shown in the below). Attention: the lamp belt drive power needs a certain space.
led light

The application of the LED soft light belt of Hanron Lighting is wide, especially its application in the staircases, which is flexible and convenient. There are many similar cases. Hanron Lighting is worth your choosing.