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7 Places suitable for led strip light in home

LED Strip Light

Many designers introduce the concept of "LED Strip" in interior design to light up the space while enriching the spatial context. It also creates a visual sense of light and dark level, a visual sense of the contrast between the Virtual and the Real.

The LED Strip has a wide range of application, it’s easy to see them  in outdoors buildings, bars, stairs. They enjoy high of advantage:

good shape, great light sense, and the price is not high

But in fact, most people think that led strip lights are not very practical,

Especially in the interior design, the LED strip is only colorful lights with flashing, and a dirty place that hides in the ceiling and is prone to ash.

Actually not

The LED Strip application can create a three-dimensional effect

It is unmatched by other lamps.

Let’s talk about it

Which places in the home are more suitable for the LED strip light?

Living room

LED Strip along the ceiling curve around

the bright light refraction out of the open space

will make the whole living room more bright

Installing LED Strip in the groove of the television background wall
It enhances the spatial sense of space,
and even simple lines show a different kind of dynamic beauty.


The led strip in the aisle has changed the original monotonous white wall, which shows the depth of the space,

and the lighting function of the led strip is also very useful

in lighting small areas and without taking up space

Kitchen Room

Although there are headlights on the top of the kitchen,

But cooking at night is very inconvenient to be covered by shadows.

You can save these troubles by installing the light strip under the wall cabinet.

Also added a warm feeling of cooking


Lighting design is like giving a makeup to the room.

which not only makes the space look elegant and light,

but also highlights the level of space,

Warm-colored led strip design will make the bedroom warmer

Installing led strip at the bedside of the bedroom can not only beautify the bedroom but also act as a night light

Cabinet & plank

The led strip is installed inside the cabinet to increase the light source

 Ingenious combination with frame,

 which can weaken the enclosed feeling of the space and fully render the delicate and fashionable indoor atmosphere.

Installed at the bottom of the cabinet

Light the led strip that diffuses through the floor

Studying or working in the study room at night

Open the desk lamp and the led strip of bookcase

Can play a good lighting role


Installing the led strip around the wall of the bathroom

is a very modern way to be simple and beautiful

and to make it easier to highlight your personality and style

The led strip around the bathroom mirror can create the atmosphere, and it also provides the basic lighting needs. The led strip is hidden on the top or the light around the bathroom mirror is projected out. No longer need to worry about the reverse light, the polarized light.


The layout of the lights at the stairs is very clever

Or do a narrow-cut hollowing treatment on the ground below the steps.

Place the led strips to meet the lighting needs of the entire staircase