Application and Classification of LED Light Ribbons

The LED light ribbon refers to the assembly of LEDs on a strip-shaped FPC (flexible circuit board) or PCB hard board, which is named after its product shape is like a strip. Since most people are not used to the nouns being too long, they omit the LED in front and call it the strip light directly.

1. The application of LED light ribbons

Led light ribbons are often used to outline various buildings, and play a role in lighting various indoor decoration and home beautification.

At present, there are two main application areas for LED light ribbons. One is indoor decorative lighting, which is mainly used for decoration or lighting such as ceiling dark grooves, TV background walls, wine cabinets, and wardrobe door frames; the second is outdoor decorative lighting, which can be applied to buildings contour brightening, signs flashing, etc. The scale of use is mainly outdoor decorative lighting.

2. The classification of LED light ribbons

In terms of material, LED light ribbons are divided into the LED rigid bar light and LED soft strip light. LED soft strip lights are divided into high voltage and low voltage, and LED rigid bar lights are mainly low voltage. The LED rigid bar light has good heat dissipation effect and relatively longer service life, so it is widely used in high-end places with higher quality requirements; while the LED soft strip light is accepted by ordinary consumers in the market due to its low price and variability in shape.

However, the LED rigid bar light does not exactly belong to the category of LED light ribbons. According to the difference between the application occasions and the different requirements for the light strip, there are high-voltage LED light ribbons and low-voltage LED light ribbons. So what is the difference between these two kinds of LED lights, many survey respondents have given the same view:

First of all, the place of use is different. Low-voltage LED light ribbons are generally used in places with high fire-fighting requirements, such as hotels, clubs, etc.; while high-voltage LED light ribbons use 220V voltage operations, which are mainly used in the civilian market. The project mainly use low-voltage strip lights, which are stable with the warranty for 3-5 years. The high-voltage strip lights are easy to install, mainly used for home decoration and some relatively low-end hotel decoration.

Secondly, the service life of low-voltage LED light ribbons is longer than that of high-voltage LED light ribbons. Due to the high working voltage of high-voltage LED light ribbons, they generates more heat per unit length than low-voltage LED light ribbons, which directly affects the lifespan of high-voltage LED light ribbons.

Thirdly, the low-voltage LED light ribbons is more expensive than the high-voltage LED light ribbons as a whole. If you look at the two types of lights alone, the price is similar, but the high-voltage LED light ribbons with a high-voltage power supply can carry 30-50 meters of LED light ribbons, and the low-voltage LED light ribbons need to be equipped with a DC power supply, so the cost of low-voltage LED light ribbons will be much higher than that of the high-voltage LED light ribbons.

It is precisely because of these differences between high-voltage LED light ribbons and low-voltage LED light ribbons that their application is determined. High-voltage LED light ribbons are mainly used in the civilian market, while low-voltage LED light ribbons in engineering for on the one hand, the cost is low, and on the other hand, they are easy to install.