How does the Home Decoration LED Strip Lighting Exert Great Effect at a Low Price?

LED products of Shenzhen Hanglong Lighting Co., Ltd. are mainly used in automobiles, clothing, catering, shopping malls, star hotels, home decoration, etc. It provides services for chain enterprises in light boxes, signs, grooves, backlight decorative lighting and so on.

The products are selling like hot cakes in Europe, America, Australia, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other 50 countries and regions.

In order to maintain the leading position in the LED industry, we have never stopped challenging all aspects of the restrictions to create ideal LED products for the emerging solid-state lighting field. In this way, Hanglong can enrich our way of life and promote a better living environment for the global community. So how can home decoration LED strip lighting from good LED strip lighting suppliers achieve the greatest effect at low prices?

Generally, traditional T5 lights are used in traditional decoration. In this way, the 1.2m 28w T5 lights used in a living room and other rooms will reach more than seven or eight. According to the average lighting time of 6 hours a day, it will consume 40 kWh of electricity a month.

1. The selection of high and low voltage LED strip lights

With the rapid development of LED lighting, as an auxiliary effect lighting, the LED strip light in the strip LED lights has become the first choice to replace the traditional T5 light as light hiding because of its environmental protection, low energy consumption (calculated according to the average lighting time of 6 hours a day, the power consumption is 15 kWh a month), arbitrary cutting and arbitrary bending.

Except for the difference between non safety voltage and safety voltage, high voltage LED strip lights and low-voltage DC12V or 24V strip lights both save energy. In terms of safety, there is an insulating sleeve on the surface of the high-voltage LED strip lighting, so it's no need to worry about electric shock. In contrast, the high-voltage LED strip light is easy to cause obvious light decay due to the factors of plate and heat dissipation, which affects the durability.

Because the quantity of home decoration is not large, in terms of durability, we generally recommend the use of low-voltage LED strip lights to work at constant low voltage, which can avoid excessive lamp bead current due to unstable voltage. The service life of China led strip lighting is guaranteed to the greatest extent.

2. The selection of the brightness of the LED strip lights

Conventional LED strip lighting sources are generally SMD5050 and SMD2835. If you want to play a role in lighting, we recommend the high-efficiency series of 2835 lamp beads, which can achieve 160lm/W.

The brightness of traditional T5 lights is 1000-1200Lm as the standard, 2835 lamp beads are 120 lights per meter, the power is between 12-14W, and the brightness per meter is about 1200Lm, which can be replaced, and the power is only half of the traditional T5 lights.