How Many Kinds of Design Styles can the LED Strips be Divided into?

How many kinds of design styles can the LED strips be divided into? Let's take a look.

1. Simple European-style corridor LED strip design

In order to make the corridor lighting more adequate, the lamps are installed in the form of a combination of LED strips and floor lamps. The color of the line lights is warm yellow, which adds a warm and comfortable atmosphere to the indoor corridors.

Generally, the LED strips is installed in the groove of the ceiling, because this installation design will not affect the indoor light, and it also has a good decorative effect on the indoor environment. This light of corridor line is environmentally friendly, without flickering, which brings us the most comfortable feeling.

2. Classical European-style corridor LED strip design

In classic European style, crystal lamp and smooth wall line design, milky white wall and light yellow lamps coordinate with the ground, and the ceiling also adopts complex European ceiling technology.

In order not to make the complex ceiling technology too complex, the LED lighting strip is selected in the groove around the ceiling, and the white LED lighting strip makes the environment around the ceiling brighter and reduces the sense of heaviness given by the less complex ceiling. The elegant white light source makes the living room environment more comfortable and warm, but also more luxurious and gorgeous.

3. Chinese-style corridor LED strip design

The design of the entrance aisle of the Chinese villa is simple and elegant, and the design of the lockers along the wall reflects the beauty of Chinese simplicity. The complex ceiling design does not use large chandeliers, but uses simple and practical white LED lighting strips from a reliable LED lighting strips manufacturer to improve the lighting level of the aisle. The design of the table lamp will not be as complicated as the chandelier, it will give people a sense of oppression.

On the contrary, led strip cove lighting can not only meet the needs of lighting, but also bring a sense of simplicity and magnificence to the room. In this rendering of the gallery line light, the LED lighting strip is also matched with the downlight to complete the lighting so that the light can reach every corner of the corridor.

4. Modern-style corridor LED strip design

LED strips can be used in many places, especially some elegant and magnificent places. However, many LED strips cannot be exposed. If the LED lighting strip is exposed outdoors without protective measures, it will not only not bring a good decorative effect, but also affect the overall design aesthetics. The choice of white light source can be better applied to the corridor environment, increase the light intensity of the rectangular corridor, and ensure people's travel safety.

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