How should the color of the LED strip be selected and matched?

How should the color of the LED strip be selected and matched?
LED strips are also colored, so how should LED strips be selected and matched?

The LED lights in the LED strips form the corresponding light color, which can be divided into seven kinds of light colors: red light, yellow light, blue light, green light, white light, warm light and color according to the light color.

1. Blu-ray can be placed on the bar and other places, the effect is fresh and dreamy, and the room can be decorated with a luxurious and elegant home decoration style after a whole circle of decoration.

2. The red and green light strip needs to be used with the background, which is generally not recommended. The color light needs to be used in conjunction with the control, and can be used for decoration such as an audio-visual room.

3. The white LED decoration effect is clean and tidy. Light color consistency is good, suitable for simple style.

4. The LED effect of yellow light is warm, but because the yellow LED lamp is not efficient, the light effect is dark, so the light color is dull. It is recommended to use multiple beads.

The choice of light color of the LED strip is mainly determined according to the customer's own decoration style and color tone. The general home decoration is recommended to use warm white. This light color is between yellow light and white light. The light color is comfortable, the brightness is moderate and the decorative effect is better and warm.