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LED PIR Sensor Motion Detector Light

Bright Auto 10 LED PIR IR Infrared Motion Detector Wireless Sensor Closet Cabinet bar Light Lamp Energy-saving and Environment friendly Closet light,Step light,Shaking sensor light,Kitchen,Wardrobe,Cupboard,Living home light etc.


1. Features of the new high-efficiency LED technologyhigh efficiency, energy saving, long life, environmental protection,explosion-proof, cold light, suitable for all kinds of places.
2. Use the advanced induction technology of human thermal infrared detection sensor which highly sensitive, anti-jamming, fast response.
3. Automatic sensing: the light will light up when you get within 3 meters of it and will go out 15 seconds after you walk out of its sensing range.
4. Built-in
 light sensing devices. It can identify day and night status. During the day the light is in standby status, and during thenight the lamp will automatically light up while sensing infrared.
5. Simple installation: an adhesive strip with magnetic fields is easily attached to and detachable from the lamp body. No tools, screws or nuts are required

Product Specifications:

 Induction way

 PIR Sensor 

 Operating voltage

 DC 3-6V

 Body Color



 120 mA



 Load power


 Light sources

 10led SMD 2835


 Low 10lux

 Sensing distance


 Delay time

 15 seconds

 Induction angle

100 °

 Lamp temperature

 -10 ~ 50 Degrees Celsius

 LED life

 80,000 hours or more

 Product Dimensions:




 Net Weight


 Light Color

 Warm White(2800-3200K)
 Cold White(6000-6500K)


 With magnetic double-sided  3M adhesive base


 1x 10 LED PIR Sensor Cabinet Closet

 Wardrobe light (Battery not included)

 Battery Power

 4 AAA batteries or rechargeable  batteries

Product Pictures:




Widely used in wardrobes, cloakroom, bookcases, racks, aisles, corridors, toilets, car trunk, drawers and other places.