Introduction to waterproof LED light strips

Introduction to waterproof LED light strips
The waterproof LED light strip is mainly a kind of light-emitting strip made of LED components and using a very soft PCB board as a substrate. The biggest difference between the waterproof LED strip and the ordinary light strip is waterproof, which makes it not Fear of harsh environments, you can use it outdoors and in a variety of natural conditions.

The waterproof LED light strips emit light evenly, the color is soft, the shape is very slim and small, coupled with the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, color change, easy styling, etc., which are highly praised by consumers.

The principle is that waterproof LED light strips match the tone and characteristics of the surrounding environment of the building without too much chromatic aberration.

The most basic method for selecting a waterproof LED light strip is as follows:

1. Determine the brightness and chroma of the color used.

2. Select the corresponding light source and color matching materials, such as color filter or color film.

3. Master the conditions, such as architectural functions, style characteristics, primary colors and textures and environmental conditions.

4. Select the base color, and then determine the auxiliary or dotted color according to the principle of color coordination to minimize the number of hue for public buildings to prevent color disorder.