LED Strip Lights with the "Battle" of New and Old Brands

With the development of LED strip light industry, LED strip industry ushered in the development of the "inflection point", on the one hand, many traditional strip enterprises have given up the strip business, turn to other fields, or reduce the proportion of the strip, expand the proportion of other products; On the other hand, the major up-and-coming enterprises are competing to aim at LED light belt business.

Ⅰ. The LED lamp strip business is difficult to develop

A lot of smart LED strip manufacturers are getting out of the LED strip business and not competing anymore. Because there is no profit, or even a loss, on the one hand, it is too difficult to do, on the other hand, a little abnormal vicious competition, enterprises have no energy to spend on these unprofitable projects.

Desalination of LED light strip business shows that the profit of the enterprise is low, so that many enterprises have been difficult to support marketing expenses. In the future, the enterprise that can be bigger and stronger is either the enterprise with better channel and deep cultivation, or the enterprise with good procurement system. Companies that simply want to make a dent in this sector will not go far.

In addition, according to media reports, with the sharp decline in the price of LED light strip, some LED light strip manufacturers have few LED light strip on the list.

Ⅱ. The persistence of the old LED lamp belt enterprises

However, not all the established LED strip enterprises have given up the light strip business. Although there are large enterprises desalinize the light belt business, but a large number of rising stars have taken the light strip as the main business. In the face of fierce market competition, major enterprises have also launched efforts.

In recent years, facing the complex competition environment of LED industry, the relayout of the global market will bring far-reaching influence to the LED lamp strip industry.