Analysis Of LED Strip Lifetime—Light Decay

Analysis Of LED Strip Lifetime—Light Decay
There are various quality products in LED Market."Whether to buy expensive brand product or cost-effective products" may be a headache if you know little about LED. Here we will explain LED lifetime by LED strip, because LED panel, Slim LED downlight, LED Tube ect are assembled by SMD strip LED. You can understand lifetime of other LED products after learning LED strip's.

The main factors to lifetime of LED strip are LED, transformer and heat dissipation device. Theoretically, the lifetime of LED beads can reach 10year or more. But why LED strip manufacturer only offer 1-2year warranty (few company can offer 5year warranty like Hanron Lighting Co. Limited.)? LED strip are made of PCB, LED beads and resistance. The main heat transform from LED beads to PCB, then PCB to the air. And 8-12mm width PCB and transform so much heat which lead to high light decay of LED beads. This is one of the main factors. The another one is lifetime of stransformer is only 2-3years, same as other raw material. So, LED manufacturer only offer two year warranty to customers.

Light decay is the main problem for traditional tube. You can feel obviously light decay after the usage of traditional tube for half year or one year. The tube come to the end when the decay to a certain extent, like 70% of previous luminous flux.

Light attenuation is the most representative of the traditional lamp. Use the lamp brightness to six months or a significant attenuation of about one year. This is the light fades. Decay to a certain extent - the end of life. .

Users do not need a very professional perspective to select products. It's a good way to select a good light by learning heat dissipation, for example, in the same environment, lifespan of Rigid bar will be longer than LED Flexible strip, and lifetime of LED Tube will be longer than LED Rigid Bar. The reason is that the heat sink is different. LED flexible strip release heat by flexible PCB, while LED Rigid bar by aluminum PCB and LED Tube by aluminum PCB plus aluminum base. Heat dissipation situation directly determine the lifespan of a lamp.