Common Sense Of LED Strip

Common Sense Of LED Strip
To get a competitive high quality strip, we need to consider many things together. Here, we will share you how to buy high level strip by luminous flux(LM) and LED Chip manufacturer.

LED Strip include LED Flexible strip and LED Rigid Bar, both of them are assembled with Flex/Rigid PCB and LED by SMD technology. For the same type of strip, price can be ranging from 0.8USD to 7USD per meter. Why there is so large price difference? It's because of the difference of raw material and produce technology. Let's take SMD5050 60LED/M as an example, price of LED beads with big brand are 2-3time higher than those with China local chip. The light decay is also different for such different LED.

After the brand of LED, let's learn more about brightness, for SMD5050, normal brightness is 10-12lm/LED, 12-14lm/LED, 16-18lm/LED, 18-22lm/LED, 20-25lm/LED. In line of strip business, SMD5050 with 20-25lm/LED can be considered as super brightness. Price is largely different for different brightness of LED.

For Hanron strip, our target market is middle and high level market. So, most of our products is with high brightness. For examples, 16-18lm/LED for SMD5050 are always highest level for many LED manufacturers in China, but our normal types will be 18-22lm/LED, and the highest level types are 20-25lm/LED and CRI can reach 90.

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