FAQ About LED Strip Light And Led Rigid Bar

FAQ About LED Strip Light And Led Rigid Bar
1. What's LED Strip Light?
LED Strip light is also called Led Ribbon and LED Tape, which mainly consist of FPC, LED, Chip resistors, silicone/epoxy/PU Glue and connection terminals. It's widely used for home decoration and back lighting. The most popular types of LED Strip light in the market are SMD5050 and SMD3528.

2. What are the categories of LED Strip Lighting?
1) Classified by Voltage: DC12V&DC24V&AC220V

2) Classified by LEDs: SMD3528/SMD5050/SMD2835/SMD5630/SMD3014/SMD335

3) Classified by IP Rating: IP20/IP65/IP67/IP68

4) Classified by Color of light: Single Color/ RGB/Magic RGB

5) Classified by Color of FPC: White/Yellow/Black

3. How many LEDs in 1M?
1) For SMD3528, mainly 30LED/M, 48LED/M, 60LED/M, 96LED/M, 120LED/M and 120LED/M

2) For SMD5050, mainly 30LED/M and 60LED/M

3) For SMD2835, mainly 30LED/M and 60LED/M

4) For SMD5630, mainly 30LED/M

4. What kind of LEDs usually used for LED Strip Light?
Considering about balance between cost and quality, San’an Led Chip are widely used in LED Strip Light. Many companies claim that they use Epistar Led Chip, yet, they use San'an Strip or other China local chip brand instead. For high end products, Epistar Chip will be a good choice and price will be higher.

5. What's Led Rigid Bar?
LED Rigid Bar consists of PCB (FR4 or Aluminum), LED, Chip resistors, Aluminum Base ect, which is mainly designed for back light or outdoor landscape decoration. We can design different quantity/type of Led to create different brightness of the Rigid Bar according to the project requirement. The Advantage of Led Rigid Bar is relatively easy to be fixed, processed and installed. Yet, it cannot be bent and is not suitable for irregular areas.

6. What are the categories of LED Rigid Bar?
1) Classified by IP Rating: Waterproof and Non-waterproof

2) Classified by Color of Light: Single Color, RGB and Magic RGB

3) Classified by Length: 0.3M/PCS, 0.5M/PCS, 1M/PCS

7. What kind of LEDs is usually used for LED Rigid Bar?
For Non-waterproof Rigid Bar, San'an Chip or other types of China local Chip are more popular; and for Waterproof Rigid Bar, all China local Chip and Epistar is popular, some even use Cree Chip to make sure high quality.

8.  What's the difference between Epoxy glue, Silicone Glue and PU Glue?

FAQ About LED Strip Light And Led Rigid Bar
9. What is difference between Single Color, RGB and Magic RGB.
Single color strip light of Rigid Bar can only show one color, like Red, Blue, Green, Yellow, Warm White, Natural White, Pure White and Cold white ect, white color is the most difficult color to reach; Both RGB and Magic RGB Led strip or Rigid Bar are made of SMD5050, there are three Chips (Red, Blue, Green) in the LED. By controlling the current in the chip, RGB strip light or Rigid Bar can show 7 types of color and obtain some simple optical changes; Magic RGB Strip light and Rigid Bar are controlled by signals, through two types of signal TTL and DMX, we can achieve more complex color change and even show pictures.

10.  What's the application of LED Strip and LED Rigid Bar?
LED Strip and LED Rigid Bar are widely used in hotels, slim light box, KTV entertainment, advertising signs, store counter for jewelry, watches and clocks ect.