Glue for Packaging Led Flexible Strip Lights

The glue of the led flexible strip lights package is PU glue, which has high transparency and good softness, especially when it is at minus 30 degrees. And it will not age and yellow in 3-5 years.

PU glue is more expensive, and many people will use AB glue. Customers who are exploring the European and American markets now use pure PU glue to package LED strips. Most of the customers in the mainland market still use epoxy glue, because the price difference between PU glue and epoxy glue is too much. Some manufacturers will want to use epoxy glue to produce soft light strips in terms of cost. However, if a company wants to make a long-term name in this industry, it still uses PU glue. The yellowing property and high and low temperature resistance of PU glue are very good, and its transparency and adhesion epoxy glue are incomparable and its aging resistance is also very good.

There are three main types of resins currently used in LED flexible strip lights packaging on the market:

1. Epoxy resin
2. Polyurethane modified epoxy resin
3. Polyurethane resin

Due to the different materials used in different resins, the properties of the products produced vary greatly.