How To Calculate Power Of LED Flexible Strip?

How To Calculate Power Of LED Flexible Strip?
What's the power of LED strip like SMD5050 30LED/M andSMD3528 60LED/M.Experienced people will say immediately 7.2W and 4.8W,but those who are not familiar with this line do not know how to calculate. Here,we will tell you how to calculate the power of LED Flexible strip.

Power = Voltage * Current * NO. of LED groups

Normally, low-voltage LED strip can be divided into DC12Vand DC24V. For DC12V, it's 3LED / group, and for DC24V, it's 6LED / groups.

For LED beads, rated current of SMD5050 and SMD2835 is60mA; rated current of SMD2835 is 20mA and rated current of SMD3014 is 30mA. It’sOK to use rated current to accurate power of strip. Actually, the real current of final design will be slightly lower than rated current in order to protectthe strip. In this way, power is little lower and light decay is lower accordingly. Of course, for middle-lower product manufacturer, they will make the real current to rated current or even higher, the power is enough in the way, but light decay is also higher.

Here we will take SMD5050 60LED DC12V strip as an example. DC12V is 3LED/Group,so the NO. of Groups/M=60/3=20Group, also the current is 60mA. Therefore, the power=12*0.06*20=14.4W/M

Now, you must know how to calculate the power of striplights.

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