How to Change the CCT of LED?

There are several ways to produce "white" light from LEDs, but the most common is to combine blue LEDs with yttrium aluminum garnet (YAG) phosphors. A portion of the blue light from the LED is absorbed by the phosphor and then re-emitted into white light due to a phenomenon known as Stokes shift. CCT adjustable led strip supplier can change the CCT of white LEDs by making minor changes to phosphor chemicals.

Note that a "warm" white LED actually has a lower CCT. The output of these devices contains more red wavelengths. Even if human perception requires that the color be warm, it will shift the radiation to the colder end of the Planckian trajectory. The "cool" white LED emits more blue and the radiation is classified as hotter. Although humans have another feeling, it feels that the light is cooler.

The output of white LEDs produced by CCT adjustable led strip supplier is divided into "warm white" (2600 to 3700 K CCT), "neutral white" (3700 to 5000 K CCT) and "cold white" (5000 to 8300 K). ). It is impossible to reliably manufacture LEDs of exactly the same color. Even devices from the same batch have slightly different spectra. Instead, vendors group devices with similar CIE color coordinates into "boxes." The grouping is determined by a small quadrilateral on the CIE color space. The vertical sets of these quads have the same CCT.