Led Flexible Strip Lights: Detailed QA Procedure

Led Flexible Strip Lights: Detailed QA Procedure
Led Flexible Strip Lights Detailed QA Procedure

The quality of led strip lights is based on used material, as well as strict QA, here Hanron has a detailed introduction of quality assurance procedure as below:

Led flexible strip lights light source inspection

According to customers' requirements, strictly take inspection of LED light source (SMD), including electricity, brightness, color, etc.

Processing technology and raw material

Take strict inspection of the durability by long time product aging.

Led bulb dehumidifying

Led bulbs are stock in normal temperature. During production, take drying treatment of 80-82 ℃ for 8-10 hours to avoid bulbs twinkling and bad.

High speed automatic SMD padding

All led strips products adopt automatic high speed SMD padding to avoid arrange led bulbs irregularly and current leakage

Eight temperature range reflux welding

For welding, take large scale of eight temperature range reflux welding in order to ensure even heating welding.

Inspection of semifinished led flexible strips

Finishing the above, take test of the semifinished led strip to check whether bulb missing, irregular or faulty welding, etc.

Magnified one thousand times to check welding spot

Through professional testing equipment, magnify 1000 times to check the welding spot in order to avoid fault and improper welding.

Finished led strips aging

After finished led strips clean, take extra 8-10 hours aging test in case of unqualified product.

Low voltage and current testing

To check current leakage and bad led bulbs in order to avoid light dim and bad after short time use.

Rated voltage test

Using rated voltage, take white board of light reflection as marker, and check light color conformity in case of light color difference.

Led flexible strips vibration test

Vibrate finished led strips, and imitate the actual use to check situation under stress.

Before delivery full inspection or sampling inspection

After packaging and labeling, QA personnel will take inspections of all the products, and manager will take sampling inspection in order to fully insurance of good led flexible strips.