LED Light Strips Flashing Reason

LED light strips generally use a constant current drive board as the power source. The commonly used low-power LED constant current driver board is driven by a single-chip switching chip, and the current sampling adopts the primary side feedback mode.

The LED driver board uses a constant current output, which is consistent with the characteristics of the LED lamp itself. Compared with the constant voltage drive, the life of the LED is effectively guaranteed. Under normal circumstances, the LED light bar light board is composed of a plurality of low-power LED lamp beads, and the power of a single lamp bead is generally between 0.2-1W. The whole light board will be connected in series or in a series-parallel combination.

The flashing of the light board may be caused by the following reasons:

1. Voltage instability

LED driver boards are typically wide-range voltages, such as 85-264V. If the voltage is too low, there is a possibility that the light will flash. Excessive voltage may cause the driver chip to burn out;

2. Driver board problem

There is a problem with the quality of the drive board itself provided by the led light strips supplier, or the long-term work of the heat-dissipating bow will cause the flashing of the components;

3. Individual lamp beads are damaged or nearly damaged

Since the LED bead is connected in series, the LED is sometimes not good, which will cause the individual bead to be damaged, which will cause the whole string to flicker. LED lamps are not completely non-heating during use. Excessive temperature can cause premature light decay of LED lights. Pay attention to good heat dissipation during use.