Led Rigid Strip: Market And Product Types Analysis

Led Rigid Strip: Market And Product Types Analysis
It's known to all that led lighting is 80% energy saving than the normal incandescent lamp, and 50% saving compared to energy-saving lamp, thus led lighting become prominent in the lighting industry. At the same time, with the government promoting the development of led lights, led lighting will be greatly increased in the future market.

Led strips, with those led lighting advantages, are widely used in the areas of hotel, shopping mall, restaurant, bar, counter and exhibition areas.

In the market, led strips can be divided into led rigid strip and led flexible strip, more details, please check Hanron product lists.

Led flexible strip lighting is features as below:

Led SMD is welded on flexible wire board, and use gum from the backside for installation. According to different applications and environment illuminations, surface treatment of led flexible strips can be divided into waterproof led strip light and non-waterproof led strip light; after glue feeding treatment, transparent casing can be used to improve waterproof stage. Based on applications, there are mainly SMD 3528 led strip and SMD 5050 led strip. For brighter illuminating, SMD 3014 led strip and SMD 5630 led strip can be used. And at the same time, to increase the led bulbs, the brightness can be improved. 

No matter led rigid strip or led flexible strip, in order to solve heat dissipation, led SMD welded on aluminum board is feasible under long time working, and in actual installation, aluminum guttering can be extra equipped in order to increase heat dissipating area.

Here as below is a list of the main parameters of led rigid strip lighting and led flexible strip lighting:
(take smd 3528 white led strip and smd 5050 white led strip as example, current: 20mA)

Led Rigid Strip Market and Product Types Analysis