Features And Maintenance Of Led Strip Lights / Led Rope Lights

Features And Maintenance Of Led Strip Lights / Led Rope Lights
Features of Led Strip lights / Led Rope Lights and the main advantages:
1. Soft, can be rolled as wire;
2. Can be cut and prolonged;
3. Light bulbs and wires are completely wrapped in flexible plastic, with features of insulation, waterproof and safety;
4. Strong atmospheric degradation resistance;
5. Non-cracking and long life span;
6. Easy for patterns, designs and characters;
7. Application: widely used in the lighting area of building, bridge, road, garden, courtyard, floor, ceiling, furniture, automobile, pond, underwater, advertisement and board.

Maintenance Notifications of led strip lights / led rope lights:

1. Antistatic Finish:
Because led is static electricity sensitive element, during maintenance, antistatic finish treatment must be prepared, if not, led strip lights easier for broken. Here please pay attention, iron must be antistatic iron, and at the same time, the maintenance personnel must make preparations for antistatic finish like wearing static electricity ring and antistatic gloves.

2. Continuous high temperature:
The most important components of led strip lights or led rope lights are LED and FPC, which couldn't stand continuous high temperature. For FPC, under continuous high temperature, the membrane will blister, which directly causes led strip scrap. At the same time, LED couldn't stand continuous high temperature because of the chips. Thus, in maintenance of led strips, the iron must be temperature controller iron. Temperature must be set with a fix value. What’s more, iron couldn't stay on the led more than 10 seconds in case of broken chip.

3. Short-circuit:
Most of led strips are bad quality because of short-circuit. Before maintenance, must check out the true reason. Otherwise, led chip will be broken by short circuit again by rashly replace led.

Led strips can be divided into led flexible strip lights and led rigid strip lights. For more info, please go to our products center and find out the suitable product for your projects.