LED Specifications and Types

First, the characteristics of led strip lights:

1. The led light bar is shaped like a soft long strip, which is very soft and can be curled at will. It can be arbitrarily shaped during installation and can be folded when not in use.

2 The biggest difference with other lamps is that the led light bar can be cut. If the length is too long, you can cut off one. If the length is not enough, it can also be extended.

3. The power of the led light bar is installed in the flexible plastic, and the power supply path is completely covered. There is no need to worry about the danger of water and electricity during use, because the insulation and waterproofness are particularly good.

4. Because of its high weather resistance, it can be used in outdoor environments. No matter whether it is temperature change or wind or rain, it will not cause damage. It is not easy to break and has a long service life.

Second, what types of led strips are there?

Flexible led light strip: This kind of led light strip is very soft, can be bent and folded at will, and can be shaped into various shapes, and can be made into text or pattern. It is often used in objects such as buildings, courtyards, pathways, gardens, strata, bridges, lie boards, buses, lakes, underwater floors, furniture, pink cards, sign posters, etc.

Hard led light strip: The assembled circuit board of the hard led light strip P is a CB hard board. The disadvantage is that the softness is not strong and cannot be shaped arbitrarily, but it is easier to install and fix. The led light source used by it is a patch led, which can be installed on both the front side and the measurement. If it is suitable for the hard led strip light emitting on the side, it is called the Great Wall light strip.

Third, led strip light specifications:

The specifications of led strips are distinguished according to the length and width of led components. The common specifications of led strips supplied by led strip lights supplier are 0603 led strips, 0805 led strips, 1210 led strips, 3528 led strips and 5050 led strips. .