LED Strip Light Introduction

In terms of LED light bar package, it includes TOPLED series from the initial in-line 3MM, 5MM, 8MM, 10MM, later development patches 0805, 0603, 1206, and now 1210 (3528), 5050. Therefore, LED strips have also evolved from ordinary in-line to 0805 and 0603, 1206, and now the hot 5050 series. It is worth noting that the brightness of the LED light is directly related to the wafer. Currently, the chip package is available in 9 MIL, 12 MIL, 14 MIL and other sizes. In theory, the wafer is larger, and the power and brightness is higher, and of course the price is more expensive. At present, many companies on the market use the 5050 package appearance, but in fact, they use small wafers with relatively low brightness, which results in low price. But the quality is not good, and this is an irresponsible performance for the customer.

At present, the waterproof materials used by the waterproof led strip lights supplier on the market are more commonly used with epoxy resin AB glue 560 series. However, the light strips encapsulated by such glue generally exhibit more bubbles, are easy to break, are not resistant to high temperature and cold weather, and are prone to yellowing and tearing due to long-term use. Therefore, the most complaints from customers are the problems of this type of glue. Polyurethane is good glue, and it is expensive, but it has good transparency. It is folded back and forth 500 times without breaking and it resists tearing. It is resistant to outdoor UV rays and is not yellow for a long time. It has excellent surface gloss. The products made by it have excellent low temperature resistance, water resistance, ozone resistance, acid and alkali resistance, alcohol resistance, arc resistance, ultraviolet light resistance, cold and heat cycle impact resistance, etc., and fully meet the high performance requirements for indoor and outdoor use.