Led Strip Lighting: Notes Of Purchasing Led Strips Or Led Ribbons

Led Strip Lighting: Notes Of Purchasing Led Strips Or Led Ribbons
As it’s known to all that Led strip lights or led ribbon lights has very obvious advantages such as: cheaper led ribbon price, lower electricity, around 20% consumption of the common lights, longer life time around 100,000 hours, lower maintenance cost, short response time and no pollutions. Of all, because of lower price of led strip light or led ribbon light, it becomes more and more popular among consumers. In the market, there are various of led strips and led ribbons, such different ranges of prices. Let’s analysis what’s the main reasons affecting the led ribbon lights prices. 1. Antistatic effect Led strip light or led ribbon light, with good antistatic effect, has longer life span, such the led strips higher price. In general, antistatic effect is above 700V can be applied to led strips or led ribbons. 2. LED chip grain The illuminant of led strips is chip, so different chips affect the price. In general, led strip chips from Japan and America higher, and chips from Taiwan and China mainland is comparatively lower. 3. Leakage current

Let’s have a detailed introduction of the notes when purchase led strips as below:

1. Led strip lighting brightness
There is different led lighting brightness requirements based on different requirements, different applications and different products. For example, for led strip lights used as jewelry counter lighting in large shopping mall, brighter led strips attracts customers better, and the same led strips can be divided into led street light and color changing LED strip for decoration.

2. Antistatic effect
Stronger antistatic property, longer led life span and higher led strip price, in general, antistatic effect is better above 700V.

3. Led strip lights with the same wavelength and color temperature have the same color, which is very important for large batch of lighting combination.

4. Leakage current is the current when led is reverse conducting. Hanron suggests you use lower leakage current led products.

5. Waterproof led light strips has different requirements for indoor or outdoor led lighting.

6. Led illuminating angles had great influence for led strip lights. For example, led daylight Hanron suggests angle 140-170°. For other usage, please contact Hanron for details.

7. Led chips determine core quality of led strips. Different chips, prices vary great.

8. At the same time, led chips determine led quality and brightness, thus when we choose, bigger led chips are preferable.