LED Strips Installation

Measuring cut

LED lighting strips are widely used, whether in everyday household life or in public places. People tend to buy LED light strips from the led strips supplier. It is not only colorful and has a strong decoration, but also has a certain degree of softness. The most important thing is that it has a long life and is ideal for safety. So many people are learning about the LED light strip installation method. The first step is to make measurements and cuts to determine the length of the installation. If you need 1.5 meters, it is recommended that you cut two meters, and also pay attention to the unit mouth during the cutting process. In general, 1 meter is 1 unit.

Connection plug

Before installing the LED strip, we must first understand the general principle of the LED light. It is a kind of diode that belongs to DC drive and has positive and negative poles. Therefore, during the installation process, we must confirm the positive and negative poles, and do not reverse the positive and negative poles. If the positive and negative electrodes are connected in reverse, the LED light strip is in an insulated state. Even after the power is installed, the light strip is not lit. So you need to understand these before installation, so as to avoid unnecessary trouble after installation. When the plug is connected, the corresponding wire will be inserted, and the pin will be pushed forward to combine with the wire. After the connection, it is better to cover the tail plug to prevent leakage.

Placement installation

In the interior decoration, the LED light strip installation is handed over to a professional electrician to complete, because in the installation process will require a certain amount of professional knowledge, even the simple placement has a certain degree of attention. If the illuminating belt is not arranged neatly and distorted, the overall rendering will show uneven illumination. Especially at the corner, because the LED light strip is soft, in order to fix it smoothly, it is recommended that you choose a special clip.