LED Strips: The Best Six Ways To Check The Quality Of LED Strips

LED Strips: The Best Six Ways To Check The Quality Of LED Strips
LED strips The best six ways to check the quality of LED strips

Led strips, as a necessary part for home decoration, become more and more popular, while at the same time, there are much more illegal business producing bad quality led strips for cheating. For most led strips distributors, it's difficult to avoid the trap, here as below, Hanron introduces the best six ways to differentiate the good ones from those fake led strips:

1. LED Flexible Strips, adopt FPC as the assembly wiring board, together with SMD led, which makes the led strips thickness as a coin, less space; in general, there are 30cm led strip: 18 led lights or 24 led lights, 50cm led strip: 15 led lights, 24 led lights or 30 led lights, and also 60cm and 80cm led strips for different applications. All of these led strips can be cut or prolong according to actual use without damage to glitter. Based on flexible FPC material, the led strips can be bent, folded, rolled, and used for any three dimension areas, also available for irregular, narrow and small spaces. Because of its flexibility, led strips can be used for various of designs and patterns in advertising decoration.

2. LED rigid strip, adopts PCB board as assembly wiring board, together with SMD led, some other electrical components used according to actual requirements. The advantage of led rigid strip is easier fix and convenient installation, and disadvantage is rigid not flexible, thus not suitable for irregular space. The common led rigid strips with SMD led in the market are 18 led lights, 24 led lights, 30 led lights, 36 led lights, and 40 led lights, etc; Led rigid strips of Inline led type are 18 led lights, 24 led lights, 36 led lights, and 48 led lights, etc.

3. Surface clearness of LED strips. Adopting SMT processing production, the surface of led strips is very nice without any impurities and dirty. While those fake led strips adopting welding processing, the surface must be dirty no matter how to clean it, and at the same time, there will be welding flux and tin skimmings remaining on FPC surface.

4. The standard led strips takes antistatic coiling tray packing, generally every 5 or 10 meters per coil, and outer there will be antistatic and moistureproof bags sealing.

5. The standard led strips bag and coiling tray will be labelled with sticker, not printing.

6. The standard led strips will be packed with instructions and specifications, together with led strips connector and clamp.