Led Waterproof Light Introduction

Led Waterproof Light Introduction
The waterproof tube is a kind of subdivided tube specially developed for the humid and low temperature environment, and its grade is ip65. There are two main principles of waterproofing. One is that the two ends of the waterproof light are sealed to isolate the outside air, thus resisting the invasion of moisture. The second is structural waterproofing. Through the integrated design and the integration of the whole body, the light is sealed and insulated from water vapor.

The waterproof technology of lights is mainly divided into two directions:
structural waterproofing and material waterproofing.

Structural waterproof

The so-called structural waterproofing is that the waterproof led strip lights supplier combines the structural components of the product to make it waterproof. The material waterproofing means that the position of the sealing glue to seal the electrical components is left in the product design, and the glue material is used for waterproofing during assembly. Luminaires based on structural waterproof design require tight silicone seals to be waterproof. The outer casing structure is relatively precise and complex, and is usually suitable for large-sized lights, such as strip-shaped floodlights, square and circular floodlights, and high-power lights.

Material waterproof

The waterproof design of the material is insulated and waterproofed by filling the potting compound. It uses a sealant to bond the joints between the closed structural members, so that the electrical components are completely airtight and achieve the waterproof function of the lights.