New Arrival: Dot free 3838 LED Strip family(11 type)

New Arrival: Dot free 3838 LED Strip family(11 type)

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New arrival products: 3838 led strip family

Glad to inform that we've launch a series of 3838 led strip light. Most of the items are requested to be made through our customers, so they can be a good solution in some of your project.

The advantage of this light is as below:
1. Small and thin, compare to normal 5050 RGB led strip, 3838 led strip can be made to be 120LED/Meter in even 5mm width PCB.
2. Dotless: The led QTY can be made to be 240LED/M, which will make the light to be dotless. You can choose the suitable items based on your led aluminum profile
3. Good for neon light. This series of strip light can solve the dotless problem in led neon light. So they are ideal solution for RGB led neon light
4. A complete series:there are more than 12 type of light in this series, you can always find what you need for the RGB or RGBW led strip light in this series
5. High Power,3838 led strip light is easier to get high power with slim PCB width

1. LED neon light
2. Slim led aluminum profile where need RGB led strip
3. Thin led aluminum profile where need dotless
4. Cove Light
5. Home DIY Application

Pictures of this series of 3838 led strip light:
                     3838 60LED/M 8mm led strip                                                      3838 120LED/M 8mm led strip

                     3838 120LED/M 5mm led strip                                                      3838 240LED/M 12mm led strip

                     3838 96LED/M RGBW led strip                                                       3838 240LED/M RGBW led strip

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