Problem Of Epoxy Glue During Production Process Of LED Flexible Strip 1

Problem Of Epoxy Glue During Production Process Of LED Flexible Strip 1
This article will share you problems of Epoxy Glue during production process of LED Flexible Strip, and provide you with some good solution to solve such problem.

1. Glue Bubble problems: it comes up when operating time for glue is too long or glue is excessive, or agitation method is not correct, or this is no vacuum degassing or degassing time is too short.

(1) Operating time too long. The viscosity of Epoxy glue will become thick when placed time is long after A/B glue are mixed together. The bubble is difficult to discharge when the glue become thick.
Solution: shorten operating time(divided into mix time, vacuum degassing time, parking time and injecting Glue time)

(2) Glue is excessive
In certain circumstance, the curing speed of epoxy or polyurethane will be better when the amount of mixed glue is larger. So, if mixing excessive glue in one time, the viscosity of glue will be high time by time, and glue will be more viscous, thus, the bubble is relatively difficult discharged.
Solution: Reduce the amount of mixed glue to 200G/200G. It you want to match more, it is recommended to stir the glue into 2-4cups before vacuum degassed.

(3) Mixing method is not correct
Solution: stir clockwise. Bubbles are more easy to come up if you stir clockwise coupled with counterclockwise

(4) Deaeration (Through vacuum machine) is needed and the degassing time is recommended to be 6-8 minutes.