The Characteristic Of LED Flexible Strip

The Characteristic Of LED Flexible Strip
LED flexible strip also called LED Ribbion, LED Rope light and LED Tape. It's made by LED, FPCB, Resistance ect.

The characteristic of LED Flexible strip are as following:

1. With soft FPC, so they are easy to install for any bending, suitable for any application of advertise backlight

2. Color: White from 2300K-6500K,yellow, blue, red,green,RGB for optional

3. Power: Low power consumption, for example, 1050lm SMD5050 60LED only consume 14.4W per meter. Largely reduce power compared with traditional tube

4. Lifespan: More than 50,000.5/3/2 year warranty avaible

5. Environment-friendly: Raw material of LED strip(LED beads, FPC ect) are environment-friendly material, can be recycled, will do no harm to environment.

6. Wide usage: can be widely used in cove lighting, backlight or edge light for signage, decorative light for holida/even/show/exhibition ect.

7. Safety: DC12/DC24V input voltage make them safer than traditional lighting

8. Easy install: For non-waterproof version, just fix the strip by back 3M glue; and for waterproof, we can fix them up by clip and screw