What Is CCT? - How Does White LED Shine White?

What is CCT? CCT is an abbreviation for correlated colour temperature, meaning the relevant color temperature. Color temperature refers to the change of color from dark red to light red to orange to white to blue to white as the temperature rises when a standard black body is heated. By using this feature of the black body, when the light source to be tested and the black body have the same light color at a certain temperature, the temperature of the black body is the color temperature of the light source to be tested. The color temperature highlight color is colder, and the color temperature low light color is warmer. The color temperature hue below 3300 K is warm white (light yellowish white). The color temperature hue is intermediate white at 3300 - 5000 K. The color temperature hue of more than 5000 K is cool white (light blue and white).

The effect of white LED spectrum on the human eye

The most unacceptable to the human eye is blue light and UV light. The ability of blue light to kill human eye cells is 10 times that of green light, and UV light is 10 times more powerful than blue light. Long-term exposure to a large number of low-wavelength blue light can kill human eye active cells in large quantities. Even eating more foods that are good for your eyes will have no effect.

The white light of the LED is mainly generated by the blue light of 450-455 nm wavelength. The wavelength is lower, and the firing ability is stronger. Usually, the wavelength of the LED is controlled within 5 nm by the cct adjustable led strip supplier.

The mechanism of blue light generation in LEDs is mainly that the blue light emitted by the blue chip is mainly concentrated at 450-455 nm, and the blue light wavelength of the fluorescent lamp is very wide, and it is from 435 to 500 nm;

A yellow phosphor (or red, green phosphor) is used in the LED. In the manufacturing process, the phosphor may be attenuated (or the amount of phosphor is small, or the reflection is not enough), and the blue light is different from the initial state, and a large amount of gushing occurs, which greatly increases the damage to the human eye;

The blue portion of the LED is guaranteed by the chip, while other light colors are guaranteed by phosphor. Among them, the chip has a strong guarantee capability, and the phosphor powder has a weak guarantee capability, and the longer the white light LED is turned on, the higher the proportion of blue light. Therefore, people who have just started using LED-backlit laptops, mobile phones, and TVs are more glaring, and have been dizzy and uncomfortable for a long time. If the human eye is exposed to LED blue light for a longer period of time, the chance of suffering from eye disease is higher.