Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps

Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps
Wrong Opinion 1: Lamps with higher wattage implies higher brightness.
Fact: Lumen of LED bulb(not watt) represent brightness of the bulb. Higher means the bulb is brighter.
Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps
Many people think higher watt will lead to higher brightness of the bulb. Yet,this is not always true.  For example, a 100W incandescent lamp brings more light than a 20W incandescent lamp, but may offer little light than a 20W LED Lamp. Because incandescent bulb light up by heating filament to a certain temperature, the only way to increase lumen output is increase wattage. But in LED World, the lumen output depends lighting effective. When lighting up incandescent lamp, most of power trun into heat but not light, that's why lighting effective of it is much lower than LED lamps.

So it is better to pay attention in lumen output when consider luminous flux of the lamp, but not wattage. If same wattage of two bulb, LED lamps can bring 5time higher luminous flux than incandescent lamp do.

Wrong Opinion 2: An LED lighting fixture with more light bulbs will have higher lumen in total than another with only one bulb
Fact: One LED light bulb with high lumen will be as powerful as or more powerful than many LED light bulbs added together.
Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps
When you want to buy lamps, salesman may recommend you buy more because it will bring more luminous flux. Yet, it’s not right. We can use same idea of wrong opinion 1. What we need to consider is total luminous flux, but not the QTY of lamps. Luminous flux of one high quality LED lamps(with low wattage) may higher than total light of 3 low quality LED lamp.

Wrong Opinion 3:LED lamps is too expensive to buy
Fact: If only for price, yes, LED lamp cost more. But in terms of 1year or 2years, LED seems more competitive because it will largely save the cost of electricity.
Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps
In long term view, cost of LED lamps can be assigned to cost of lamps. Here you can learn how to calculate the cost of any kind of lighting solution.

Please remind that LED lamp can save more than 85% electricity compared with incandescent lamps or halogen lamps. What’s more, life time can reach more than 50,000hrs. You can save cost of electricity and maintenance charge by using LED lamps, which can over the cost of price. Therefore, LED lamp is much more competitive than other lighting solutions in long terms. Usually, LED lamp price can be covered in 3years.

Wrong Opinion 4: LED lamps can be used forever.
Fact: Lifetime of LED is much higher than traditional bulb, but it will also go to end little by little.
Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps

Same as other light source, life time of LED lamps will also come to end. Factors which lead to light decay includes heat and driver output current.

Lumen maintenance rate=present lumen/original lumen. As a light source, they come to an end when lumen maintenance rate lower than 70%. If calculate by 8hrs one day, a high quality LED lamps can work for more than 17years, much more than incandescent lamps.

Wrong Opinion 5:LED lamps will not produce heat
Fact: LED lamp will not produce radioactive heat, but they need excellent design to make sure good heat dissipation for long life time.
Wrong Opinion Of LED Lamps
LED lamps maintain not only special design housing, but also less heat. LED lamps will not produce radioactive heat in direction of light, because they use flushbonading heat dissipation to effectively lead the heat to housing. So, LED lamps can reduce environment temp because they produce less heat. With the development of technology, LED lighting effective can be improved and at the same time, less heat will be released.

Wrong Opinion 6: LED lamps contain higher proportions of blue light which are likely to be hazardous
Fact: According to ELC and CELMA, the user is absolutely safe if their bulb is used in direction.

It's said that LED lamp is different from traditional lamps, because it contain more blue wavelength light, which does bad to human health. Yet, according to evaluate report by ELC and CELMA, in terms of their level of photo biological safety, Led lamp is same as traditional incandescent lamps and tube. For same CCT products, there is no difference in blue light rays between LED lamps and other lighting solutions.

All high quality LED lamps must manufacture under photo-biological safety standard IEC62471 to make sure no harm to human eyes. And all Hanron products pass IEC62471 under the most strict safty light test to make sure user maintain most healthy, harmless and comfortable lighting.