Requirements for LED Strip Lights

LED strip lights are widely used in indirect lighting of lamp troughs, large-area luminous ceilings or luminous walls, as well as display cabinets or wall lighting.

So how to choose best quality LED strip lights with best effect? Today, HANRON will give you some tips on the selection of LED strip light products, let you become an expert in light selection immediately!

1. LED strip lights should emit light evenly

Even light emission has two meanings:

1) The brightness between the lamp beads must be consistent, which is related to the quality of the LED lamp beads.

Quick judgment method: use your eyes! Use your eyes to observe whether the strip light emits evenly.

2) The brightness of the strip light should be consistent at the beginning and the end, which is related to the voltage drop of the LED strip lights.

The led strip light needs to be driven by a power supply to emit light. When the voltage drop of the LED driving power supply is relatively large, the brightness of the beginning and the end of the LED strip light that is connected for too long will be inconsistent. The voltage drop of the LED drive power will cause the brightness of the strip light to be inconsistent at the beginning and end.

Judgment method: connect the required length, light up the strip lights, and compare them side by side, observe with your eyes.

2. The light color of LED strip light should be consistent

The consistency of light and color is also a parameter that tests whether the quality of a LED strip light with lamp beads is qualified.

Judgment method: look directly at the strip light, or find a piece of white paper vertically close to the light-emitting surface of the LED, you can basically judge whether the light color of the strip light is the same. It is the most intuitive way to see it with eyes.

3. Choose the right color temperature of the LED strip light

Generally speaking, more strip lights with 3000K and 4000K color temperatures are used in general spaces. But for some spaces, low color temperature strip lights are necessary, such as high-end hotels and villa clubs. High-end hotels and villas are relatively inclined to choose LED strip lights with warmer color temperature to create a warm, comfortable and homely atmosphere.

General strip light products provide 3000K and 4000K color temperature for selection. The rainbow reflection series of LED strip lights can provide three color temperatures. Among them, the special 2500K color temperature product has more red components in the spectrum, which is suitable for use in high-end hotels, villas and homes and other low color temperature occasions.

4. The strip of LED strip lights should be continuous

The continuity of the strip is an important consideration for the effect of lighting design, which requires the entire light strip to ensure no broken areas and shadows. Continuous LED strip lighting effect vs common intermittent LED light strip effect. Through the tool-free plug-in connection, the continuous light strip with no shadows can be ensured.

5. The color rendering index of the LED strip light should be greater than 80

The color rendering problem of LED strip lights is not very important when the product is applied to indirect lighting lamp troughs, but when applied to large-area luminous ceilings as basic lighting or used in showcases as display lighting, the color index Ra> 80 is a requirement that a professional LED strip light must meet.