The Classification of LED Strip Light Color

The Classification of LED Strip Light Color

Some knowledge about the color classification of led lights, let us know about it together:

1. LED strip homochromy: 

The so-called homochromy is a color that is static and always on.

2. The drive control of the led strip light is divided into two categories

CC=constant current control. Constant current control is subdivided into: external constant current power supply drive control/precision electronic components constant current drive.

① The external constant current power supply drive control means that the power supply and various electronic components + constant current IC are integrated to drive the light board (the light board only has LED light source, without any electronic components).

② The constant current drive of precision electronic components is the integration of light board + constant current IC + LED light source.

③ CV=constant voltage control is composed of light board + LED light source + current limiting resistor.

3. Color-changing LED strip lights

LED strip lights with Symphony are divided into DMX/SPI control signals; the advantage of DMX512 is that the signal of the current pixel is interrupted or damaged. And it will not affect the subsequent signal transmission. The disadvantage is that one control port can only be connected to 170 pixels. If the dot is expanded, it can control up to 512 pixels. The advantage of SPI is that one control port can be connected to 1024/2048 pixels. The disadvantage is that when the signal of one pixel is interrupted or damaged, the signal cannot be transferred to the next pixel. In this way it will not work properly later.

② DMX512 is divided into single-line/double-line differential signal control. There are four lines for single signal and five lines for dual signal.

③ SPI control signals are divided into single-line and dual-line. The advantage of interrupted transmission is that when a pixel signal is interrupted or damaged, it will not affect the normal operation of the subsequent pixels, but when two adjacent pixels interrupt the signal at the same time, there is no way to transmit the signal, and the led strip will not work properly.