The Reason Why the Led Light Does Not Light Up?

What are the reasons for LED strip lights not light up? Let us find out together.

1. The packaging protection of LED strip lights is not perfect, causing the lamp beads to be damaged by impact during transportation.

2. The welding point of LED strip lights has a phenomenon of false welding, and the vibration during transportation causes the welding point to fall off and strip lights do not light up.

3. The amount of soldering tin on LED strip lights is small and the welding points are easy to fall off.

4. The soldering tin quality of LED strip lights is not good, and the welding points of LED strip lights are prone to brittle cracks and falling off during the bending process.

5. When the LED strip light is installed, and the bending angle is too large, it causes the welding point of the LED strip light to separate from the copper foil with no light up.

6. Excessive squeezing of the product during the installation of the LED strip light results in damage to the chip of the LED strip light or the deformation of the welding point and no light up.

7. The solder mask of the LED strip light circuit board is too thick, and the soldering tin and the circuit board cannot be completely fused together during welding, which is also a kind of false welding phenomenon.

8. The LED strip light cannot be twisted during installation. If it is twisted, it will cause the welding points of the LED strip light to fall off and cause no light.

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