What Are the Advantages of​ LED Strip Lights?

Compared with traditional lighting lamps, the advantages of LED strip light are undoubtedly more convincing to the world. As a new lighting source, LED strip light is not only energy-saving and environment-friendly, but also has many other advantages. As a lighting product, LED light belt can create a unique atmosphere for our house. The strip lighting is named after its shape. When it shines like a light bar, it can make our home look more classy. In fact, the installation of light belt is simple and the price is not expensive. So should we install light belt at home?

Ⅰ. Advantages of the LED strip lighting

1. The color of LED strip light is changeable: it is not only white with different color temperature, but also other colors. LED can imitate various colors of nature through different light-emitting chips, with gorgeous and vivid colors.

2. LED lamps have a variety of protection: all components from world-famous manufacturers are selected, with over-current, over-voltage, short circuit, open circuit, lightning protection, surge resistance and other protection and they have more stable functions.

3. High color rendering of LED strip lights: the color rendering of LED is as high as 85, and the color of the illuminated object is vivid.

4. The LED strip lighting is solid and durable: because the LED is encapsulated with epoxy resin or high temperature resistant silica gel, it has strong flexibility and is not afraid of falling or kneading. It is solid and durable.

5. LED lights have no ultraviolet and infrared rays: traditional lamps have ultraviolet and infrared rays, and ultraviolet rays are harmful to human body. LED lights have no ultraviolet and infrared rays.

6. LED strip lights with no stroboscopic: traditional lamps have stroboscopic, which is harmful to both eyes, especially teenagers. LED is driven by constant current, without stroboscopic, causing no damage to the eyes, and can perfectly maintain the eyes of teenagers and children.

7. Environmental protection of LED strip light: traditional lamps have lead and energy-saving lamps have mercury, which is very harmful to human body and environment; LED is lead-free and mercury free, and does no damage to human body. It is a green environmental protection commodity.

8. LED lamp bandwidth voltage, brightness adjustable: 12V, 24v36vi and 240V, brightness adjustable.

Ⅱ. Why is the LED strip lighting loved by people?

1. It clearly shows the outline of space and makes the design more hierarchical; When the LED strip lights are installed, the outline outlined by itself can increase the sense of hierarchy of the indoor environment. With the good shape of the light belt, the simple house structure will also have amazing effects. It can be said to be a small makeup repair of the house.

2. The combination of LED strip lighting and shelf is practical and beautiful. In addition to the ceiling, the strip lighting can be used in the decoration of the new house. In fact, the lights can be used on the walls of the home, such as some stored shelves, to create a very textured atmosphere and absolutely high appearance.

3. Auxiliary lighting can increase the brightness of the indoor environment. As a lighting supplement, the color of the LED strip lighting cooperates with the indoor main light source, which can make the home brighter. As long as you choose the right color of the light belt, the feeling at home will be more warm.