What Are the Characteristics of Led Flexible Strip Lights?

The basic characteristics of led flexible strip lights are: pure color, softness, low heat generation, super energy saving, environmental protection, safety, easy installation, long life and wide application range.

The led flexible strip lights have the characteristics of high brightness, and the light source is formed by connecting ultra-high brightness LEDs in series. The encryption arrangement of 80 LED/m or 90 LED/m per meter is the fundamental guarantee for the overall luminous effect and high brightness.

Longevity and durability:

The led flexible strip lights are based on the LED technology and hve a new structure. This makes the light reach an extremely long life of 100,000 hours under any circumstances. Compared to glass neon, its durability is questionable because there is no need to consider the problem of broken glass neon (PVC plastic body).

In addition, led flexible strip lights also have the following characteristics:

1. Hard. It can curl like a walkie-talkie.
2. It can be cut and extended.
3. The electric bulb and the passage are completely covered in the flexible plastic. Therefore, it is insulated and waterproof, and the insurance is used.
3. Its weather resistance is strong.
4. It has no easy break and long life.
5. It is easy to make graphics, text and other shapes. It has been widely used to paint and illuminate buildings, bridges, pathways, gardens, courtyards, strata, lie boards, furniture, buses, lakes, underwater floors, posters, pink cards, signs, etc.