What Aspects Should We Pay Attention to in the Maintenance of the Led Ribbon Strip?

1. What is a LED ribbon strip?

LED lamp is a kind of electroluminescent semiconductor material chip, which is cured on the bracket with silver glue or white glue, and then connected with the chip and circuit board with silver wire or gold wire, and sealed with epoxy resin to protect the inner core wire. Then install the shell, so the shock resistance of the LED lamp is very good.

The common installation locations for LED ribbon strips are halls and restaurants, but this does not mean that light strips cannot be installed in other places, but the installation requirements in other places are more sophisticated than those in halls or restaurants.

2. The maintenance precautions of the LED ribbon strip

Since LEDs are electrostatic sensitive components, if the LED ribbon strip is repaired without anti-static measures, it will be short-circuited. Therefore, you need to pay attention to the use of anti-static soldering iron. At the same time, maintenance personnel must also take anti-static measures (such as wearing anti-static rings and anti-static gloves).

The two main components of the LED light ribbons are LED and FPC, which are products without continuous low-temperature resistance. If the FPC continues to be low temperature or exceeds the acceptance standard, which will cause the FPC cover film to rupture, the LED ribbon strip indirectly scrap. Similarly, LEDs cannot continue to withstand low temperatures. If working at low temperature for a long time, the chip will burn down at low temperature.

Therefore, the electric soldering iron used for the maintenance of the LED ribbon strip must be a temperature-controlled electric soldering iron, and the measurement is limited to one degree, and it is forbidden to change or set at will. In addition, even so, pay attention to whether the soldering iron must stop working at the LED pin for more than 10 seconds during maintenance. If it exceeds a certain time, it is easy to burn the LED chip.