What Color is Good for the LED Strip Light? How to Choose?

Nowadays, LED strip lights can be said to be very popular because of its rich colors and strong decorative effects, which can meet the needs of different places. Therefore, it is favored by more and more consumers. So, what color should we choose when choosing a light strip, and how to choose a good light strip?

1. How to choose the color of the LED strip light according to the occasion?

When choosing the color of LED strip light, we can choose the right color according to our own preferences and decoration style. For the ceiling, we generally choose white, yellow, and light colors. According to the usage of the room, we usually choose warm yellow and blue strip lights for the living room, because warm yellow light gives people a warm and comfortable feeling, especially in cold winter. Blue color gives people a higher and more profound feeling.

If you like a festive color, you can choose red. If you choose a red and blue dual-color LED strip light with a controller, it will give people a particularly romantic feeling. The restaurant is more suitable for yellow strip lights; the children's room is suitable for yellow and colored strip lights; but it is better to have one color strip light per room, otherwise it will feel very dazzling.

Like some signboards or landscape decorations, red and blue are generally chosen, or red and blue neon lights, which give people a more dazzling feeling. In fact, there is no standard for the color of LED strip lights. You still have to choose the right color of the lights according to your preferences, decoration style, and place of use.

2. How to choose LED strip lights?

(1) Look at the quality of FPC

FPC has two types: copper-clad and rolled copper, and the copper foil of the copper-clad circuit is convex. The rolled copper is connected to the FPC, which can be bent at will, and the pad will not fall off. If the copper-clad circuit is bent, the pad will fall off.

(2) Look at the cleanliness of the surface of the LED strip light

The strip light with the SMT process is very easy to clean, and there are almost no impurities and stains on the surface. If the strip light is hand-soldered, some stains and cleaning marks will remain on the surface no matter how to wash it.

(3) Look at the solder joints

Generally, the LED strip lights produced by regular manufacturers use SMT patch technology, using solder paste and reflow soldering technology. Therefore, the solder joints of the LED light strip are very lubricated, the amount of solder is small, and the solder joints are arc-shaped. The solder joints of low-quality LED strip lights are uneven, and many layers of dots cover the solder feet, which affects the aesthetics.

(4) Look at the packaging

The LED strip lights of regular manufacturers are packaged in anti-static coils, usually five meters in one roll or ten meters in one roll, and sealed with anti-static and moisture-proof packaging bags. In order to save costs, low-quality strip lights use packaging bags that are not anti-static and moisture-proof, and the quality is not guaranteed.

(5) Look at the label

The strip lights, packaging bags and reels produced by regular manufacturers have printed labels, not typewritten labels, while the labels of inferior LED strip lights are typewritten, and the parameters are different.