What Does the Led Light Strip 5050 Mean? Which Is Better for the Light Strip 5050 And the Light Strip 3528?

The 5050 strip and the 3528 strip are actually the difference in the size of the internal bead chip. The 5050 led light strip indicates that the led strip chip used by the led strip 5050 supplier has a length of 5.0 mm and a width of 5.0 mm. Similarly, the led light strip of 3528 indicates that the length of the lamp bead is 3.5 mm and the width is 2.8 mm.

Which is better for the 5050 light strip and the 3528 light strip?

From the perspective of the number of LED chips and the luminous intensity, the 5050 light strip chip has 3 LED chips, while the 3528 light strip has only one LED chip. Therefore, correspondingly, the luminous intensity of the 5050 light strip is higher than that of the 3528 light strip. Generally speaking, the 5050 light strip is brighter than the 3528 light strip.

In terms of power and current intensity, the 5050 lamp strip is used at 0.18 W and the drive current strength is 60 mA. The 3528 lamp strip has a power of 0.06W and a drive current of 20mA.

In terms of spectral brightness, the 5050 light strip uses three bead lights, and its splitting brightness is greater than that of the 3528 strip. In numerical terms, the 5050 light strip has a spectral brightness of 4500-5500-6500. The 3528 light strip has a spectral intensity of 2000-2400-2800.

The single lamp lumens have different values. The difference in power also makes the lumens of the two lamps different. The lumen value of the 5050 led strip is 15LM and 18LM, while the single lamp lumen of the 3528led strip is 7LM.

In general, the 5050 strip was developed on the basis of the 3528 strip. In terms of performance, the 5050 strip has better performance and higher brightness than the 3528 strip. However, the complicated production will inevitably bring higher prices. The price of the 5050 light strip on the market is generally higher than that of the 3528 light strip. Users should purchase according to their own home decoration and actual economic ability when choosing. For example, a light strip that is decorated on the ceiling is preferred to use a 5050 light strip with a higher brightness. If it is a small area such as a bathroom that does not require a good brightness, then the 3528 led light strip can also play a good decorative role, and the price can be much cheaper.