What Is the Difference between RGBW Strip Lights and RGB Strip Lights?

In the full-color strip light, the RGB light bead is composed of three colors of red, green and blue. RGBW light beads are based on RGB plus a white light W (W is generally white light or warm white 3000K) to form a four-color light bead.

Both must change color through some kind of protocol controller. The RGB strip light achieves a colorful effect through a three-color color mixture, in which the RGB color mixture becomes white light. However, RGBW has a warm white color conversion, that is, the RGBW light strip can be used in monochrome, and can also achieve a color mixing effect of RGB+W. For the RGBW wall washer (W is white light), the white light will be more pure than the RGB color mixture, and the RGBW color mixing effect is more rich and beautiful, and the layering is stronger. If W is warm white, the effect will be more. Simply understand that RBGW is better and brighter than RGB.

The rgbw led strip supplier can form another RGBW strip by combining RGB bead and monochromatic light bead. This effect is the same, but the two different styles of light beads are not integrated, and the effect will be slightly different. How to choose specifically depends on your specific needs and requirements.