What Kind of LED Strips Are Suitable for Use in LED Light Boxes?

What kind of LED strips are more suitable for use in LED light boxes? Today we come to learn with you.

Ⅰ. Advertising light boxes use LED light strips

Advertising light boxes are also different according to the use environment. Advertising light boxes can be further divided into card light boxes, cloth light boxes, rolling light boxes, light pole light boxes, etc. According to the different classifications of advertising light boxes, LED light bars also have different choices.

What kind of LED strips are used for advertising light boxes is exquisite. Correct selection of LED strips can make the light box display the advertising content more perfectly, without the trouble of the dark area of ribs. Let's take a look at how to choose LED lights for a specific light box. 

Ⅱ. Brief description of LED light bar for advertising light box:

1. The cloth light box is generally used in the outdoor environment, so it is necessary to consider the waterproof performance of the advertising light box. If the sealing of the light box is not particularly good, it is necessary to use a waterproof LED light bar. The LED light bar uses a 360° all-round shell waterproof, which can prevent rainwater from entering, more comprehensive and effective than glue waterproofing.

2. Card light boxes are usually used in indoor environments, so for this kind of light box, there is no need to use waterproof LED strips, and it is enough not to use waterproof.

3. Rolling light box and light pole light box, this kind of light box is generally double-sided light box, the size of the light box is generally not large, so for this kind of light box, the side-emitting LED light bar can ensure uniform brightness, directly connected to 220V, no need to connect a transformer , the installation is very simple and the cost is much lower. If the brightness is very high, you can install light bars around the light box and slap them around.

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