What should be paid attention to when using LECL soft light strip in daily life?

LED flexible strip lights can be said to be no strangers in everyone's life, because the shape of the product is very similar to a belt, so it is named after it.

The LED flexible strip light has a very long service life, and is also very energy-saving and environmentally friendly, so it has been widely used in various decoration industries. So what are the things that need to be paid attention to when using this kind of led flexible light strip?

1. The LED flexible strip should be cleaned regularly

In the process of using LED flexible strip lights, it also needs to be dusted regularly, especially generally, LED flexible strip lights are placed in a hidden corner, these places are more likely to hide dirt and dirt, if the time is too long, the surface will accumulate a lot Dust, which not only affects the brightness of the light source, but also may cause a short circuit in the power supply, so it is very important to clean it frequently.

2. LED flexible strip lights cannot be stored in high temperature environment

LED flexible strip lights also have high requirements for the use environment. LED flexible strip lights can be bent and curled at will, but this does not mean that they can be stacked at will in a corner, or directly stacked in a small space. The temperature is getting higher and higher, which will also cause damage to the plastic inside the light bar, and there may be a short circuit, causing the entire LED flexible light bar to not light up.

3. Choose LED flexible strip lights with different brightness according to the place

For places with different brightness requirements, the purchase requirements of LED flexible strip lights are also very different. For example, in the exhibition hall of jewelry counters, it is necessary to use lights with a relatively large wattage. For some warm decorations in the home, you can use relatively Warm-colored lighting, so you can decide which type of lighting to choose according to your usual lighting needs.

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