Where is the Breakthrough Point for the LED Strip Terminal?

In recent years, with around policy, night-time economy ushered in explosive growth, new market space was also brought for the lighting industry. The continuous improvement of the market scale of landscape lighting engineering has, to a certain extent, led to the rapid development of the light strip market, and also made the light strip, a niche product that was never paid attention to, transform into a hot topic in the LED lighting industry.

What is the current situation of the LED strip light market? Where is the breakthrough of the LED strip light terminal? This article focuses on LED light strips, through the in-depth research of the national markets, explore the terminal development of light strip in all aspects.

Ⅰ. Which LED strip light brands do agencies sell?

When it comes to LED light strips, there are only a handful of brands that can blurt out. In the past, there were not many LED strip light manufacturers, and the competition was not very fierce, so the quality and profit of its category were relatively ideal; In recent years, driven by the development of outdoor landscape, the low threshold of light strip industry has led to a large number of enterprises to enter the field of light strip, in order to seize the opportunity to share a piece of the pie. Although the strip light category is a minority in the LED lighting industry, the market competition is also quite fierce.

From the survey data, we can see that there are many LED strip light brands, and there are not many LED strip light brands with high brand awareness. Admittedly, there has not been a real oligopoly brand in the strip light market so far, and the strip light market is still in a highly dispersed state at present. It is also because of the numerous competitors, leading to the light strip market into disorderly competition.

Ⅱ. The proportion of LED strip light sales in the total annual sales

At present, in the terminal market, most of the dealers operating strip light products are selling with auxiliary products, but the sales volume is not very low, which also supports the sales of a large part of dealers. This is reflected from the survey data, the data show that most of the current market dealers operating LED strip light products strip light sales accounted for 50% of the annual sales of the highest proportion, up to 35%; The sales of strip lights account for 20% to 50% of the annual sales, accounting for 29%. LED strip sales account for 10%-20% of the annual sales, accounting for 21%.

According to merchants, the current LED light strip market is dominated by low-end, with low-end market accounting for about 50%, mid-end market accounting for 30%, and high-end market accounting for only 20%. The high-sales ones are often unknown manufacturers in the industry. To win with price advantage, the sales target is usually the family or the relatively low-end project, but for the merchant, as long as the project is received, a large part of the annual sales target can be basically achieved. This is also one of the reasons why so many distributors of light strip products account for more than half of their annual sales.

Ⅲ. The operating area of the LED strip light

In the terminal market, it is difficult to find exclusive stores for LED lights, this phenomenon has continued for a long time. Due to the low attention in the field of light strip, few people will pay attention to the storefront of the light strip brand, and the demand for the display of the light strip product is not high, so most of the terminal image of the light strip brand is displayed on single-side display boards, showcases and exhibition walls.

In the operating area data of LED strip, there is a completely different situation from other categories of LED. The operating area of LED strip is between 100 and 200 square meters, which accounts for 42%. Secondly, businesses with an area of 50-100 square meters account for 28%; Businesses with an area of less than 50 square meters account for 16%; Only 12% of the business area is more than 200 square meters, which means LED strip products play the important role in the LED lighting industry.