Where Should the Decorative Lighting of LED Strips Be Used in Home Decoration?

Looking at some excellent decoration design cases, you will find that the application of LED light strips is very common and the effect is very charming. So, where exactly are LED light strips suitable for installation in the home? LED light strips have the advantages of beautiful appearance, rich specifications, strong customization, flexible installation, energy saving and environmental protection.

1. LED light strip for the entrance

The entrance area is the first area to enter the room. The most common application of LED light strips is above the shoe changing area of the entrance cabinet. Such an LED light strip not only provides convenience for changing shoes, but also becomes a warm delivery after opening the door.

The other two applications of LED light strips in the entrance cabinet are the storage table area and the shoe storage area.

It is also very common for LED light strips to be used under the partitions in the entrance cabinet. However, due to the high cost, many people focus on choosing a few grids or not installing them at all. Of course, this is a must-have item for local tyrants, which can make people After opening the cabinet door, you can quickly find the clothes you are looking for. After all, time is money.

2. The LED light strip is used in the living room

The application of the living room, the most widely used is the application of the TV background wall. Install an LED light strip above the ceiling, and the entire TV background wall will naturally become the center of the living room.

The application of LED light strips can often be seen on ceilings and sofa background walls. Especially in high-quality decoration projects, light pools made of LED light strips are very common.

The shape of the LED light strip is ever-changing. The LED light strip not only replaces the main light, but also makes the whole ceiling look more concise.

It is becoming more and more common to use LED light strips on the background wall of the sofa or the background wall of other areas. A warm LED light strip is installed in the middle of the wall to connect the various spaces in the room, which is very charming.

Another common application is the application in the area below the laminates of the TV cabinet. An LED light strip is installed under each laminate, which is not only practical, but also makes the TV cabinet area the visual center of the living room.

3. LED light strip for kitchen

The most common application in the kitchen is under the wall cabinet. At least 80% of the homeowners we served last year chose this approach, which provides ample light for the console.

4. LED strips are used in restaurants

The most common application in restaurants is to install LED light strips under the laminate of the sideboard to achieve both practical and decorative purposes.